Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hail Ceasar

The chant from the masses echoing through the square. Hail Caesar!
Their leader, their brother deeply respected. Hail Caesar!

Nearby in darkened corridors, whispers of betrayal drip from treasonous lips.
The oath of Brotherhood cast aside, trampled beneath booted feet.

Deep in the soul of Brutus, the hunger for power rages out of control. The need burning wild and hot as treason courses through his veins.

Whispers grow louder now. Fingers point in accusation. Brothers listen in the darkness.
All unnoticed by Caesars trusting eyes.

Consumed by his addiction Brutus skillfully weaving his evil web.
How easily his treacherous plot was put in place.

Only the trusted, the loyal are on the inner circle at Caesars side, always at the ready.
The glint of metal reflecting the sunlight as the dagger plunges swift and deep!

The searing pain of betrayal, infinitely more painful than the steel piercing his heart.
Caesars life slipping away with every breath.

Dying eyes watch in anguish born of betrayal of a trusted friend and brother.
The crowd gasps in horror but no one comes to his aid.

As the sword of power is placed in the fat treacherous hands of Brutus. The crowd roars to life with Hail Brutus! Hail Brutus!

The once trusted friend, soldier, Brother and confidant of Caesar.
Hail Caesar!

For Craig
Six Shooter Sally